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After the signing of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action commonly known as the JCPOA between Iran and p5+1 countries, a group of British-Iranian professionals set up a consultancy company to facilitate business between the two countries.

MVCG is a consultancy company, which includes professional lawyers and businessmen. It has the office in London and Tehran. Lawyers within the MVCG are qualified in England and Wales, Cyprus, Jordan, Iran and the U.A.E.

There is a single vision that drives MVCG: to help our clients expand their horizons beyond their local fields and enter into the emerging markets of the Middle East as well as Europe.

MVCG has the unique ability to provide its clients with a wide range of company services and business development in all these markets. Moreover, our services are customised to the specific requirements of our customers as well as the market in which they are seeking to operate. This allows them to fully concentrate on their core business activities rather than fretting about legal and corporate compliance matters.

Our existing branches in London and Tehran are fully operational. With the help of these international offices, we can impart our services in establishing your business overseas, and maximise your potential to run these businesses in new markets. Our experience in this field spans more than two decades allowing us to offer a range of professional services to business in Europe and the Middle East.

MVCG consists of a team of highly professional lawyers and businessmen who are ready to provide assistance in developing your business in the overseas market. We are acutely aware of the fact that each business is unique which makes it imperative to find customised solutions for their specific needs and problems.

MVCG is here to help you through every step of the way.

We provide the necessary expertise to assist our clients

We pride ourselves on our ability to give practical advice and have long lasting relationships with our clients

We are strongly committed to personal service on a cost-effective and time-saving basis

MVCG has a highly skilled team of professional and experts who specialise in corporation services that expand to the UK, Cyprus, Iran, Jordan, and the UAE, which are all countries that we have established corporate relationships with.

MVCG offers a broad range of corporate services to assist our local and international clients in every aspect of their business be it risk mitigation, compliance issues, cost control, or simplification of operations.

Our clientele can gain the benefit of our experienced staff who are always up to date when it comes to regulatory changes or market moods.

There are many advantages of establishing your business within the UK. We offer assistance in this regard. Furthermore, we are also able to assist our clients in fulfilling reporting requirements across multiple territories.

Besides London, MVCG is also able to impart all of these services in Cyprus, Jordan, U.A.E, and Iran.

MVCG, 29 Farm St, Mayfair, London,United Kingdom.

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WhatsApp: 0044 7931 486628

Email: Info@mvcgco.com