MVCG is a team of highly skilled professional lawyers and business people with significant expertise and experience. It has fully operating offices in London and the Middle East.

Since its inception and subsequent establishment, MVCG has become a respected name when it comes to assisting UK based businesses working in the Middle East. Likewise, we have helped several companies from the Middle East to establish fully operating businesses in the UK, ensuring compliance with general, financial and industry specific regulations.

This is not all. We have also helped businesses from several countries in Europe to expand their horizons and seek new markets for their products within Europe, and also in other parts of the world.

MVCG has working relationships with many successful businesses in the UK, the Middle East, Portugal and Cyprus. We are aware that a strong relationship is built on mutual trust and the fact we have many long standing clients demonstrates our commitment to working in partnership with our clients.

The founding members of MVCG and those engaged with MVCG  has their own industry specific expertise and jurisdictions that they cover.  We only advise where we have expertise in the applicable jurisdiction and industry. Over the years we have built up a strong partnership and we have not yet been approached about an industry that we do not have expertise in or know someone to connect clients with.

Our team of experts works with care and delivers with precision. Owing to the unique nature of every business, MVCG seeks to establish tailored solutions for each of our clients that cater to their funding needs as well as their legal and regulatory requirements.