MVCG is a business consultancy company which includes qualified lawyers and experienced business people. It has offices in the Middle East and the UK. There are also plans to expand its business offering and its footprint shortly. There is a single vision that drives MVCG: to help our clients expand their horizons beyond their local fields and enter into the emerging markets of the Middle East as well as Europe. MVCG has the unique ability to provide its clients with a wide range of services, including business development through its extensive international business network. Our services are customised to deliver the specific requirements of our clients bearing in mind current market conditions and norms. This allows our clients to fully concentrate on delivering on their core business activities and not be distracted or inadvertently be caught out by legal and corporate compliance matters. Our existing offices are fully operational. With the help of these international offices, we can use our expertise to assist you with establishing your businesses overseas, and maximise your potential to run these businesses in new markets in a sustainable manner. Our experience in this field spans more than two decades allowing us to offer a range of professional services with a proven track record. MVCG’s experience and network allows us to provide a full service to new entrants, including access to market knowledge. MVCG is here to help you through every step of the way.

Who We Are

MVCG is a team of highly skilled professional lawyers and business people with significant expertise and experience. It has fully operating offices in London and the Middle East.

Since its inception and subsequent establishment, MVCG has become a respected name when it comes to assisting UK based businesses working in the Middle East. Likewise, we have helped several companies from the Middle East to establish fully operating businesses in the UK, ensuring compliance with general, financial and industry specific regulations.

This is not all. We have also helped businesses from several countries in Europe to expand their horizons and seek new markets for their products within Europe, and also in other parts of the world.

MVCG has working relationships with many successful businesses in the UK, the Middle East, Portugal and Cyprus. We are aware that a strong relationship is built on mutual trust and the fact we have many long standing clients demonstrates our commitment to working in partnership with our clients.

The founding members of MVCG and those engaged with MVCG  has their own industry specific expertise and jurisdictions that they cover.  We only advise where we have expertise in the applicable jurisdiction and industry. Over the years we have built up a strong partnership and we have not yet been approached about an industry that we do not have expertise in or know someone to connect clients with.

Our team of experts works with care and delivers with precision. Owing to the unique nature of every business, MVCG seeks to establish tailored solutions for each of our clients that cater to their funding needs as well as their legal and regulatory requirements.

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Corporate Services

MVCG has a highly skilled team of professional and experts who specialise in corporate and commercial law.

MVCG offers a broad range of corporate services to assist our local and international clients in every aspect of their business, including risk mitigation, and compliance issues

Our team keeps our clients up-to-date with the continuous changes in regulations and with the market changes, which change quickly at the moment with the pandemic.

We have extensive experience of helping clients to establish the most efficient corporate structures, working closely with accountants to make sure that the structures are also efficient internationally. We also assist with ensuring that our many international clients can meet their regulatory requirements in other jurisdictions. 

Legal Services

The UK is a great place when it comes to making investments. It is also one of the most highly regarded locations in the world for living, working and educating  children. Its established financial and administrative systems, makes it easier for businesses and people to make long term decisions with certainty

MVCG has a team of highly skilled professionals who have an international perspective. MVCG is not an SRA-regulated firm in the UK.  This is why it cannot advise on regulated services, however, with the help of its best partner law firm, MVLG Solicitors (Regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority),  MVCG is able to manage all your legal requirements, including the entire immigration process – from initial inquiry by the client, through to making an actual investment in the UK, to obtaining a residency status.

Business Development

MVCG works in partnership with you integrating itself as a team member. For each one of our clients, we spend a considerable amount of time getting to know their business, values and operational model.  Our extensive business network in the UK and the Middle East allows us to connect our clients to other businesses and organisations to assist with growth and access to different markets.

We have an extensive track record in helping Middle East businesses establish their presence in the UK.  We also have considerable expertise in assisting UK and EU businesses establishing their businesses in the Middle East.

Real estate services

MVCG provides real estate services in the UK, Cyprus and the Middle East.

In the UK, we assist our clients to secure properties in the right areas and provide transparent management services.

For the Middle East, MVCG offers its clients a unique opportunity to promote their project in the Middle East whether they are developers, constructors or real estate agents.

In Cyprus, we assist clients with finding valuable investments, from finding the appropriate land to assisting with the negotiation of turnkey contracts with one of the leading developers who we exclusively work with.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive real estate services – from finding the land to delivering and managing the completed project, whether it is an investment or a home.